KINGDOM COME a small family run kennel located in the southwest corner of  
 Missouri.  We have been blessed with fifteen beautiful wooded acres so our puppies have  
 lots of room to run..We specialize in creating puppies that will bless your life.  
 We have Cavapoo (King Charles Cavalier and poodle mix) and Cockapoo (designer hybrid of
 Cocker Spaniel and Toy poodle).  Many of our pups have champion bloodlines,
 but our main goal is to produce very loving healthy puppies that will be a blessing
 and bring joy.  Thank you for visiting us.

                                           Randy & Debi Bartkoski  417 359 9598
        417 359-9598
                                SALES CONTRACT+WARRANTY
      We spay and neuter all pups before they leave the farm.

Please sign this warranty and mail it back to the address below. If the warranty is not signed and returned to us within 2 weeks of your possession of the puppy the warranty is considered null and void. We warrant that to the best of our ability and knowledge we have produced a healthy puppy. We have devoted much time, money, and energy to produce the best puppy possible. We follow all currently accepted health practices regarding sanitation, health screenings, de-worming and vaccinations under the advice of our veterinarian. Even with the best breeding programs at times unavoidable defects and problems may occur. Even though we make every effort to breed as close to the breed standard as possible, we do not warrant any issues other than health. Shedding is always possible…Deposits made for purchase of puppies are non-refundable if the buyer cancels the sale for any reason. Puppies can be returned for any reason, but no refunds or credits will be issued.  Micro chipping and Spay/Neutering are done as a courtesy:  
They are not covered by warranty.

We offer a 72 hour health warranty. Puppies received on a Friday can be seen by your vet on Monday....Within that time you must have this puppy seen by a veterinarian of your choice, at your expense, or all warrantees are null and void. We highly recommend your vet does a fecal at the first puppy check....We do a fecal before the puppy is shipped, but the stress of shipping and separation will reduce the immune system.....We do not warranty against normal puppy hood ailments such as worms, ring worm, kennel cough, cherry eyes, coccidiosis, giardia, or ear infections, as these can at times be unpreventable. We cannot guarantee pup will not cause an allergic response from those with allergies..We warrant against preexisting, severe, life-threatening or life-shortening diseases or disabilities. We do not warrant against any condition caused by carelessness, negligence or abuse. If the puppy is found to be defective we must be notified immediately and we reserve the right for the puppy to be reevaluated by a veterinarian of our choice. 

If puppy is determined by us to be defective, we will replace it with the next available comparable puppy of our choice. Buyer will be responsible for shipping expenses. We do not refund any money. In the event a puppy needs to be replaced the original puppy and all paperwork must be returned to us (at buyer’s expense). In the event the puppy needs to be euthanized, you must have permission from us prior to euthanization. This warranty is only valid to original buyer on original puppy. We do not take any responsibility for veterinarian bills or any other expenses incurred after the purchase of the puppy. We are not responsible for damages caused by the puppy. We do not assume liability for any injuries to the puppy after it has passed into your possession. We strongly recommend attending a basic obedience class and making sure your puppy is properly socialized. 

We require the buyer to keep the puppy up to date on all vaccinations, deworming, including heartworm prevention, keep it on an appropriate diet, and all other usual necessary procedures. Pups are sold as pets, no guarantee is made as to disposition, conformation, size, weight, color markings or exact mix of designer parents. In some cases a third breed may be added to enhance coat, intelligence or general health. In the event of any litigation in connection with this contract, the Seller will be paid reasonable attorney fees by the purchaser . Venue and jurisdiction for litigation arising out of or related to this contract shall lie exclusively in Jasper County Missouri. When you buy this puppy you are receiving full ownership rights. Pups are NOT registered. They are designer blends that AKC does not recognize.  

RANDY+DEBI BARTKOSKI 417 359-9598 VETS NAME________________________
www.KingdomDogs.comVet’s phone ________________________ 
11252 GUM ROAD  
CARTHAGE, MO 64836 Date of Visit________________________

Buyer______________________________________________ Date of purchase_____________________

Street Address ______________________________________ Pups name that we used________________  

City, State, Zip_______________________________________Breed of puppy:______________________

Phone number________________________ PLEASE MAKE A COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS Date of birth__________

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   Vet information:
   Pet Clinic of Neosho
   Dr. Findley 417 451-1200

             OUR PUPPY PROGRAM:

2 WEEKS: Deworm w/ pyrantel pamoate
4 WEEKS: Deworm w/ pyrantel pamoate
5 WEEKS: Ear mite preventative treatment w/ Ivomec
DA2PP first puppy shot
6 WEEKS: Deworm w/ Fenbendazole
for 5 Days
7 WEEKS: Albon 5 Days
8 WEEKS: Ear mite preventative treatment w/ Ivomec
DA2PP 2nd puppy shot
Dewormed w/ Heartguard
Marquis given every two weeks
10 WEEKS: if we still have the puppy 
he gets 
Dewormed with Heartguard 
every two weeks    
Ear mite preventative 
treatment w/ Ivomec
Marquis given every two weeks
11 WEEKS: third puppy shot DA2PP

Before your puppy comes home to you they will  be seen by our vet to ensure that they are in good health. A fecal will be done to ensure we have no worms, giardia or coccidia. A health certificate will be sent with your puppy if they are shipped.


         MORNING....8 AM.

​                        USDA  LICENSE NUMBER  43-A-5879
                            Blue Ribbon Kennel
We are members of the Missouri Pet Breeders Association.     
MPBA is the nation's oldest professional pet organization. 
They work with the Missouri University Extension Service and the Missouri Department of Agriculture. Their purpose is to educate, inform and promote the best  quality puppies that are born and raised in Missouri. 
Breeders are held to a strict code of ethics for the safety and well being of their animals.

   We are also members of Heartland our local chapter of 
   MPBA that meets monthly in Neosho.     
   PPA that meets monthly in Nevada
   Members of Mo Fed and 
   Pet Professional Association and 
   Missouri Farm Bureau
​   Iowa Pet Breeders Association
   The Calvary Group

 A $200 
 non refundable  
 deposit will hold                        
 your puppy 
 until it 
 is 6 weeks old
 then payment
 in full is required
                                  WE ARE REQUIRED TO CHARGE 5.2% SALES TAX for ALL PUPS .
               The only way to avoid tax is to fly the pup out of state.
           SHIPPING out of state is $300 and includes a plastic pet carrier.
 Owners: Debi and Randy Bartkoski
        Shadow  - Ditto - Bo

                Return Policy
We are a closed kennel which means we do not allow any animal into our nursery who has left our facility. Due to potential biohazard reasons any puppy that is returned must be kenneled in an off site boarding facility until we can find a replacement home. Puppies can be returned for any reason, but no refunds or credits will be issued.  We always find good homes for our puppies....
Golden Paw in Joplin, Mo is very helpful on placing returned puppies.