Your puppy will come in a crate 
(if your pet was booked on a flight)
with a complete set of records:
  Complete Medical Record, Spay Certificate, Health Certification signed by the vet, Warranty/Contract, 
completed USDA form. 
  You will take the medical record and warranty/contract with you to the vet within the first week and after she/he is checked by the vet and they sign the warranty/contract, you will keep a copy and get a copy back to us either by email or snail mail.

  If you have any questions, just give us a call
Jason Allen or Debi Bartkoski
Kingdom Come Kennel
11252 Gum Road
Carthage, MO 64836
417 396-0345


We fly on WEDNESDAY 

​Ozark is a professional transport service that delivers  
puppies to the St. Louis airport. They transport puppies from our area and will deliver pups along the way.  

If you live in the St. Louis can meet the
carrier and pick up your pup from the driver on 
Tuesday evening.

          Cost is $150 and pup will come in a plastic pet taxi. 
          these are the stops:

          11:45 am Lamar

          12:30 pm Nevada

          1:30 pm Wheatland

          1:45 pm Preston

          2:45 pm Camdenton

          3:45 pm Jefferson City

          4:30 pm Kingdom City

          5:45 pm Wright City

          6:30 pm St. Louis Cargo

   We fly on Wednesday to most major  airports. We fly to the 48 for $350 on American and Delta. 

    If your location requires shipping through United Airlines we will require an additional $75 to do so due to United's expenses. 

   Alaska is possible if temps are warm
cost is $450
   we do not fly to Hawaii due to quarantine regulations

Shipping Details​
  We fly on Wednesday to most major        airports. DURING THE SUMMER MONTHS American and Delta will not ship any animal if temperatures are over 85 degrees. If United Airlines does not fly puppies we may need to send puppies by ground transportation from mid May to the end of September especially if you live in a HOT state. Cost will be $350 a crate will not be provided and you will have to meet the van driver somewhere along his route. It is not our favorite way to deliver pups but it may be the only option we have.

  With ground transportation the driver will have your phone number and will stay in touch with you along the way. Most pups will leave our farm on Monday and arrive on to you on Tuesday.

  Another option is a "Pet Nanny" service. They are not regulated by temperatures because your puppy will be carried onto the plane in a soft-sided carrier. Typical cost is $600-700 and we'll need at least 2 weeks to schedule with them.
  Microchips are worthless unless they    are registered in your name.

  There are many companies that register
  microchips.  Google search will find you many  

  one time fee/ no additional charges
  Also known as BUDDY ID
Jason 417 396-0345 
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