Kingdom Dogs
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Patsy's Puppies- Born 5-24-21
Tasha's Puppies- Born 5-13-21
Merci's Puppies- Born 6-7-21
Angelica's Puppies- Born 6-6-21
Merci's Puppies Update Schedule
6/23- Individual photos and introduction video
7/7- Individual Photos
7/21- Group Video and Individual Photos
Current Weights as of 7/7
Mary- 2lb 3oz
Megan- 2lb 4oz
Melissa- 2lb 3oz
Mike- 2lb 4oz
Miles- 2lb 1oz
Maverick- 2lb 3oz

We are estimating these puppies will be 20-25 pounds as adults.
Reba's Puppies- Born 6-2-21
Holli's Puppies- Born 6-17-21
Twinkle's Puppies- Born 6-21-21