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Past Puppies
Take a look at some photos from our grown up puppies!
Wally (born George) is 2 years old today. He’s a mini Goldendoodle who is smart as a whip and loves to cuddle. Everyone loves Wally! 
35 pounds 

Jeff & Terri Shoemaker
Overland Park, KS
Hi Jason,
Just an update on our mini Goldendoodle puppy Albie.
He is now 14 months and weighs 27 pounds, we love him so much!We just spent 3 weeks in Colorado for Christmas and thought I would share a photo with you.Thank you so much for such a smart, healthy, and happy puppy.

I wanted to share a photo of Kai, who was from your Dec 2018 litter that we picked up almost a year ago. He's a wonderful dog with a great personality. Perfectly healthy. Thanks for the beautiful puppy!

David & Erin Leaverton
Just thought I would share a pic of our Cooper. He was Cheyenne, born in Dec last year. He now weighs 24 lbs. and is quite the charmer. Everyone remarks on what a beautiful dog he is!
- Kearns Family, 1/6/20
Pup of Mocha and Cookie
Wishing You and your family a Healthy and Happy 2020. Here are some pictures of Danny’s second birthday, December 30, 2017. He continues to bring us so Much Happiness and Joy. He is my little companion and goes with me All the time. Just Love that Boy of Ours.
We will be back for another puppy!
Happy New Year Debi,

I have attached a picture of our sweet Jude, who is now 3 years old and such a HUGE part of our family. I have people asking all the time where we got him, have you sold your business? I just wanted to be sure that I am telling them correctly. Wishing you a Blessed New Year!
I just wanted to share an updated photo with you of my Oliver who just turned 2 years old last week, that came from your kennel. He brings so much love & joy to us. Thank you! Sincerely Elizabeth
Felix, F1b Goldendoodle from Fantasia and Doodle
My name is Ashley and back in 2009 I bought a cockapoo for Debi! 

We ended up naming him Henley and this year he turned 10! He’s been the most amazing dog in the world and I just wanted to send some pics your way and tell you thank you! He literally has been my best buddy since day 1.
Hi Kingdom Dogs! 

Just wanted you to see this beautiful boy! 
He is the Love of my life! Still giving your business cards out!


Brady was "Israel" 12-4-18
I can’t believe my sweet baby girl is turning 2 on Oct 12th! She is the happiest, most beautiful, loving and kissing sweetheart. She is my everything- I can’t imagine my life now without her. 

She’s quite “infamous” on Instagram, with over 22.2k followers
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