a picture is worth a thousand words.

hi Debi

 please feel free to include this on your reference page and give out my 
 phone number 613-826-0463 to anyone who may want to speak to a very happy new puppy owner.

I took Snickers to the vet today and received a glowing report on not only her health, but also her intelligence and disposition as well as your meticulous record keeping. My vet was impressed! We as a family were hesitant about having a puppy shipped. Cavapoos are difficult to find in Canada and after putting Debi through a million questions decided to go ahead and bring Snickers home. She has been an absolute delight since she got here and the entire family is thrilled with her! she is friendly, smart, easy going and is already asking for the door outside to eliminate! She is already used to her crate and sleeps through the night. She follows us everywhere and wants to be included in everything. She was not fearful of us at all and has confidence without being bold. I too would love to be in contact with her litter mates especially Carmella new owner if possible because they looked so much alike. Thank you Debi for all your patience, understanding and kindness. You have blessed us with such a lovely new puppy. If we ever consider getting a friend for Snickers, we will be coming to you again!  

sincerely Catherine in Canada    

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Hi Debi,

Enzo is an amazingly smart dog and loving his life in Canada! He had a dog birthday cake today with his lab friends to celebrate his special day!

He is a fantastic hiking dog and loves swimming in the lake. He also loves boating and jumping off the swim grid into the lake while wearing his life jacket. We couldn't be happier with him and he is loved more than you can imagine!


Hi, it's Kelsee Schneider. I bought Ramone, an aussiedoodle puppy, from you on Saturday and just thought you would like to hear how everything is going. Attached are a few photos. We did change his name to Teddy Graham because of how cuddly and affectionate he is. We are calling him Graham for short. He is doing extremely well. He already goes to the door when he wants to go outside and is slowly picking up on the 'sit' command. He is extremely quick and if you turn your head for even a second he has managed to disappear which is why we are also working on coming when called and walking on a leash. He absolutely LOVES water. It doesn't matter if it's a small puddle, or coming out of the hose, or the doggy pool, or even the pond, if there is water he will be sure to find it. He has made everyone he meets fall in love with him and there is never a lack of smiles when he's in the room. We did have our first vet checkup and everything is going great. Please feel free to add me on Facebook, Kelsee Schneider. I have been posting photos and videos like crazy. Thank you for giving me my new best friend. I can promise he will be loved and cherished more than you can imagine.

Hi, haven't sent you an update on our sweet Carmichael in a while. We have built a new building & are in it. Carmichael has open lobby area so we are in training for that😍. He was asked to be the poster dog for a fund raiser of a new animal hospital in Branson. He will be on stage Oct. 3 to perform all his tricks, if we have the opportunity, we will let people know about you( I already do that anyway). Heard your ad on KLFC radio, we are sponsors there too. Hope all is well with you! As always, we can't thank you enough for Carmichael, he is such a blessing! Shirley  10-2016

We wanted to send you an email telling you how much we have loved our cavapoo puppy Lucy...aka...Willow...that we purchased from you last April! We brought her back to Texas and she has been a joy everyday! She is a part of the family!! She turned 1 today and we wanted you to see her a year later! She is thriving and is spoiled rotten!! Attached are some pics!!

Thank You,
The Lambert  2-28-17
I thought I would send some pictures of Luca for you

He seems very settled with us and loves to play with Dino his older brother (he is a black golden doodle)

He has been to doggy day camp with Dino and the owners tell us that he thinks he is a big dog and only likes to play with the big dogs – he has a lot of confidence

They have added video of him playing on their Facebook page – Two Paws up in Valley Center if you want to check it out…

We have had him groomed for the first time and you can see the before and after pictures

Hope you like the pictures – I will keep you updated

Mandy 2-17-17

Jasper is now a year old. He is an awesome dog! He weighs almost 10 pounds now. He loves our Cavalier King Charles dog, walks and cuddling! 
Julie Pritchett
Hi from the Loudermilk's in Eureka Springs,Ar. Want to share some pictures with you. We adopted Kristy a little over a week ago. We changed her name to Mya. She is such a sweet heart is loved beyond. She is already settled into her new home. She is coming right along on the house training....she has had no poo accidents and only 5-6 pee accidents in the house. She has figured out she can run to the front door every little bit, making us think she has to potty but with only the intension of a quick squat and then play time in the yard. She hates the puppy house for night time sleeping and after 2 nights of her being upset we decided just crowd in with us to sleep...she loves that. She sleeps all night besides her one midnight trip out to empty the bladder. She loves to eat!!! She made her first vet appointment on Monday,it went well. They said she looked great.
We just wanted to touch base with you to wish you and your family a Happy 4th of July!!! Our sweet Jude is doing great! He is almost 7 months old and weighs 19 lbs. We love him so very much and he is is so smart, precious and handsome!! I have so many people asking about where we got him and I have set them your way!

Have A Good Day!