a picture is worth a thousand words.
hi Debi

 please feel free to include this on your reference page and give out my 
 phone number 613-826-0463 to anyone who may want to speak to a very happy new puppy owner.

I took Snickers to the vet today and received a glowing report on not only her health, but also her intelligence and disposition as well as your meticulous record keeping. My vet was impressed! We as a family were hesitant about having a puppy shipped. Cavapoos are difficult to find in Canada and after putting Debi through a million questions decided to go ahead and bring Snickers home. She has been an absolute delight since she got here and the entire family is thrilled with her! she is friendly, smart, easy going and is already asking for the door outside to eliminate! She is already used to her crate and sleeps through the night. She follows us everywhere and wants to be included in everything. She was not fearful of us at all and has confidence without being bold. I too would love to be in contact with her litter mates especially Carmella new owner if possible because they looked so much alike. Thank you Debi for all your patience, understanding and kindness. You have blessed us with such a lovely new puppy. If we ever consider getting a friend for Snickers, we will be coming to you again!  

sincerely Catherine in Canada    

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                              BLUE RIBBON KENNEL

Mikey is doing really well! He is such a sweet smart puppy. We have had him in puppy classes since about 9 weeks and he is eager to please. He loves the kids and wants so bad to be friends with the cat but he first must learn to not "say hello" with his mouth!haha. He loves to sit on the table just like the cat does :)  Marisa 8-29-17
Thank you! He will get his first pill today. He is such a joy. Slept trough the night without even a complain in his new bed and had a little walk out in the park. very kind and very happy. We are between two names Oliver and Maxi He slept in a room alone in his dog bed. Didn’t make a sound..I made a closed area with open bathroom. I got him a toy dog that looked like him. He loves it and slept hugging it. He is very social too..:-)
​Emilia S                                                         10-14-17
Hi guys,                                           November 2017

Just wanted to let you know that Odette ( Now named Odee ) is doing great.   She is tons of fun, gaining weight, and getting into trouble just like a puppy should ;-).

Kelly wrote a post about Odee last week. Thought you guys might enjoy it: http://kellygolightly.com/our-new-puppy-odee-golightly/

You can also follow Odee's adventures on Instagram if you like: https://www.instagram.com/odeegolightly/

Hope you are having a nice weekend and that you are all set for a great Thanksgiving.  Thanks so much for the wonderful addition to our family!

.Here is a pic of our Cali, who is 9 months old. She weighs 16 1/2 pounds. Sweet as can be! I will send you another pic when she is a year old.    Natalie and Rusty's pup
My husband and I purchased Nathan (now Louis) from you in February of 2016, nearly 2 years ago to the day! He is doing exceptionally well and is the best dog in the entire world (though we may be biased, ha!). I've attached a puppy pic from you guys plus an updated version for you to see, just for fun.

With all this being said, we are on the hunt to now potentially purchase a second little one. Louis absolutely LOVES to play with other dogs, so we're thinking he would love to have a built-in forever friend. 

Thanks for your time, hope you & Randy are doing well!

Good Evening,

I wanted to share an update with you guys about Sawyer (birth name: Billy). His parents are Vega and Riley. He is 25 lbs and just the cutest cockapoo ever! He just turned one last week. Below are some pictures of Sawyer!

March 20, 2018
Hi, Debi! Cookie is growing up. She weighs 22.9 pounds! Here is a 1-year picture. Blessings, Marc, Joy, Sophie, and Penny
      Jason 417 396-0345 
      email:  pups47@hotmail.com
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These are several pictures of Finn. There are some of him when we first got him two years ago in October. He is a blessing to our family. He loves my grandchildren and is so loving and playful. He is 25 lbs of love. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to have such a precious dog. We have recommended you to many people. 
Debbie Simpson  7-20-18 
Hi Debi and family!! 

Hope all is well! I can’t believe my sweet baby girl is turning 2 on October 12th! She is the happiest, most beautiful, loving and kissing sweetheart (since birth as I remember you saying, haha). She is my everything and I can’t imagine my life now without her. 

She’s quite “infamous” on Instagram, with over 22.2k followers and I’m sure you’ll see why! https://instagram.com/lilybellegoldoodle

I was wondering if you have any contact info or Facebook links for her 3 brothers. She was named Jody at birth, and the other 3 boys were J’s as well. I would love to connect with them if so as it’s fun to see their personalities, similarities and differences. I’m not as active on FB but her link is https://www.facebook.com/lilybellegoldoodle/

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing back from you!! 

Attached a few pics for you to see her now. Time slow down!! 

Christie Pesce 
Lily Belle
Hi Kingdom Dogs! 

Just wanted you to see this beautiful boy! 
He is the Love of my life! Still giving your business cards out!


Brady was "Israel" 12-4-18
Hi Jason,

I hope this finds you well. Ziggy is doing amazing. She is coming along tremendously with her potty training and teething. She has tons of opportunities to run around on our 2 acres and we've given her plenty of chew toys. Zoe has a flair for stuffed animals and Ziggy seems to have picked up that passion. She seems very content in her new life. Zoe and Ziggy are fast friends, but Ziggy has become especially close friends with our cat, Abby. They go everywhere together - even out to pee and poop. She has even made friends with our neighbors cat, Abby’s mother, named, Mother.