A $500 non refundable deposit 
will hold your puppy until it is 6 weeks old, 
then payment in full is required....
Deposit is not transferable.  It is a commitment to that puppy.  We remove the pup from all advertising sites and it becomes yours.

 Christmas is a very busy time.
        BEST shipping day is 
     FRIDAY Dec 15 2017
The last shipping day usually books up quickly....three weeks in advance.
We CAN ship puppies on Friday Dec 22nd….but remember the weather can also prevent pups from flying….it is a good idea to have a plan where someone near you babysits the puppy until Christmas morning.

   Every year we get last minute shoppers 
who get very disappointed when we can not get a flight in time for Christmas...

Christmas babies are born Oct 20 2017
to be 8 weeks old on Dec 15th....

Pups that are being picked up for Christmas can be picked up as late as Christmas morning. We just need to know what your plans are, so we can assist Santa. We are very flexible and will do all possible to make this the best puppy present ever.  

   We are willing to keep any pup that will be 8 weeks old in December….as late as Christmas day
BUT will require them to be paid in 
FULL to be held after their 8 week birthdate.