King Charles Cavalier & Mini Poodle
Spayed/Neutered & microchipped before they leave the farm.
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A $500 non refundable deposit will hold your puppy until it is 6 weeks old, then payment in full is required.
Deposits are not transferable. This is your commitment to that puppy.  
We remove the pup from all advertising sites and it becomes yours.
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All of our pups are fixed    before they leave the farm
What does F1 , F1b, F2 Mean ?
When a King Charles Cavalier is mated to a poodle to produce a cavapoo this is known as a first generation cross and is referred to as an F1 .Sometimes a Cavapoo is mated back to one of the parent breeds either the cavalier or poodle and this produces an F1b. The "b" denotes back-bred. 

When two Cavapoos are mated together they produce the next generation known as F2s. It is possible that a small number of the litter may have what is called the 'Grandad effect'. This is where a puppy will resemble one of the grandparents, either the poodle or the cavalier and is usually referred to as a throwback.  This is why we don't breed F2.

Mom: Kensie 14 lbs.
King Cavalier
Dad: Boston 22 lbs.
Mini Poodle

F1 generation

DOB: 3-23
Ready: 5-18

This litter has been adopted!

Mom: Gracie 16 lbs.
Mini Poodle
Dad: Rudy 18 lbs.
King Cavalier

F1 generation