Cavapoo Pups
 King Charles Cavalier+Small Mini Poodle
   Spayed/Neutered+microchipped before they leave the farm.
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  Cavapoo are a Designer mix of:   
  King Charles Cavalier  and  Poodle.
  Size depends on the size of poodle used for mating. 
   Most of our mommas are 12-15 pound King Charles Cavaliers,   
   and our poodles are 15-22 pounds.  
   Most of our puppies grow to be 20 pounds as adults.  
   Some have been reported as large as 30 pounds but the norm is smaller.

  Our pups usually have very soft fur and soft waves.
  Typically Cavapoos have a small, compact face with long,
  soft, floppy ears and large brows.

  Life Expectancy The average lifespan of the Cavapoo is 
  12 to 15 years with some living up to 20 years.

  Characteristics The Cavapoo is an energetic, very
  intelligent, friendly dog that loves human interaction.
  Cavapoos like to follow their owner around the house 
  + are always willing to to play or just cuddle in your lap.

  Family Dog Cavapoos make great family pets for   
  everyone.     They are friendly with all age groups, and other pets. 
  Cavapoos require weekly brushing to keep their
  coat free from knots as it tends to tangle easily. 
  The toenails need to be clipped or filed regularly.  
  The Cavapoo's coat can be trimmed to minimize tangles.

  Training:  The cavapoo is a very intelligent dog that is 
  eager to please their owners. When given gentle,
  well varied training, Cavapoos learn new commands very quickly.
  Typically the Cavapoo can be housetrained easily.

  Barking:   The Cavapoo is not known to be a barker.

  Exercise: Cavapoos do require daily exercise,  which
  can be satisfied by indoor play;  they do enjoy walks  
  and playing outside.

  Living Conditions:  The Cavapoo makes an excellent
  apartment dog.

 We recommend NutriSource Puppy
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      The only way to avoid tax is to fly the pup out of state.
  SHIPPING out of state is $300 and includes a plastic pet carrier.

The Cavapoo, also known as the Cavadoodle, is created by the crossing of two breeds: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. They are often referred to as "designer dogs" and have become popular family companions. The Cavapoo is a hybrid breed also known as a crossbreed. When you decide to open your heart and home to a crossbreed puppy like the Cavapoo you'll melt with joy on a daily basis as they are very compassionate, outgoing, playful dogs. Cavapoos are a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle which means they are not purebred dogs, therefore, one must not assume this type of crossbreeding will result in the best genetic markup between the sets of parent breeds. Simply crossbreeding two or more purebred dogs will not produce a dog with the best qualities between the breeds as breeders cannot control their genetic markup or how the genes will express themselves after being combined. Cavapoo pups are super cute and adorable which makes this breed very popular and a favorite of new puppy owners. They have become popular over the past decade as people seek out puppies or dog breeds that are different from the everyday Poodle for sale or believe this crossbreed will have different characteristics that will appeal to them.

One of the most distinctive features of the Cavapoo is their long ears. They are compact, small to medium sized dogs and possess a round, expressive face. They are typically well-proportioned, agile, and sturdy. Cavapoos are smart dogs and often possess great traits from their parents such as their alertness, intelligence, and their ability to learn quickly. Cavapoos interact well with children and are great playmates for kids 6 years old and above. This breed should be carefully supervised around younger children as this breed generally only weighs 12 to 25 pounds (making them a perfect suitor for any sized home). While this breed can appear to be quite sturdy they can be prone to injury from kids handling them too rough. Our cavapoo are larger usually 20 pounds.

The Cavapoo is affectionate, loyal, and friendly. They are good-natured, playful, and social. They do best with older, considerate children. They do well with dogs and non-canine pets. Cavapoo's will bark to announce visitors and out of the ordinary sounds. They are very family oriented and do not do well if ignored or left alone for extended periods of time. 

Depending on coat type, the Cavapoo requires regular brushing to prevent matting and tangling or professional clipping.  It is important to keep the ears clean and the nails trimmed.  Cavapoos must live inside a house and never be left outdoors for an extended period of time. They are known to have a short muzzle which leads to heat sensitivity therefore, a responsible pet owner will not leave this breed outside in the heat on a hot day. 

The coat of the Cavapoo may be curly or soft, silky, and slightly wavy. Generally speaking the Cavapoo is promoted by breeders as being hypoallergenic due to their parents' heritage of having a reputation for being hypoallergenic, meaning this breed can live in a house and be tolerated by owner's who are sensitive to dander (dead skin cells that are shed by all dogs including people) from a dog's coat. Some people may certainly find they may still react with an allergy when being around a Cavapoo, but many report the reaction to be significantly less severe and more tolerable.  We can not guarantee the puppies will be hypoallergenic.

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​                        USDA  LICENSE NUMBER  43-A-5879

                                 Blue Ribbon Kennel
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 Mom: GI GI
 Dad:  RUSTY
  DOB: Oct 20
 Males: $1600
 Gunther adopted by Jill
 Garmin adopted by Nat
 George adopted by Ryan
 Gunny adopted by Ryan M
 Garth adopted by Salena
 Females: $1600
 Grace small
 Gina adopted by Ellison 

         PARENTS:  size is really hard to predict...pups can be as large as dad,  or as small as great aunt Sue
                                                                       Most of our cavapoos are around 20 pounds

  DOB: 10-26
 Males: $1600
 Von adopted by Nikki+Scott
  Vance adopted by Missy
  Vin Boy 5-Red-adopted by Tracy
  Victor adopted by Joe
 Vivian adopted by Ashley
  Vicki Girl 1 adopted by Amber
 Ready: 12-21
  can ship 12-22

 Mom: LILY
 Dad:  REX
  DOB: Oct 26
 Lucy adopted by Nichole B
  Lady adopted by MaryKay
 Lucky adopted by Kim
 Larry adopted by Adelaine
 Luke adopted by the Snows
 Ready: 12-21
 Mom: Trixi
 Dad:  Casey
  DOB: Oct 13

 Ready: 12-8
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